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Wyoming Grants: 

State grants, state government funding and/or fee for service contracts may be available to support or supplement your organization's education, social welfare, science and other proposed program.
Number of Grants: 13
Grants to Wyoming IHEs, Trade Organizations, and Training Agencies to Train a Skilled Workforce
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Wyoming IHEs, industry associations, trade unions, and private workforce training agencies to train skilled workers in a variety of industries that will promote economic growth within the State. The purpose of this grant is to develop a sk... GrantWatch ID#: 167302

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Digital Platforms to Present the Humanities
Deadline: 06/07/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribal governments, and IHEs to analyze and interpret humanities resources in digital formats aimed at broad public audiences. Application drafts will be accepted for review through April 2... GrantWatch ID#: 181580

Grants to Wyoming Library Employees for Professional Development Opportunities
Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $1,500 per year to Wyoming public library employees to take advantage of professional development opportunities. Funding must be used for activities that promote the individual employee’s continuing education, such as workshops, co... GrantWatch ID#: 179570

Grants to Wyoming Cultural Institutions for Historic Preservation and Digital Access Projects
Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $2,500 to Wyoming cultural heritage institutions for projects that promote the preservation, identification, and dissemination of historical records. Priority will be given to the development or implementation of projects that result... GrantWatch ID#: 180973

Grants to Wyoming For-Profit Companies for Employee Training and Professional Development
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $4,000 to Wyoming businesses to provide employees with training that will enhance their skills in the workplace, improve business productivity, and increase wages. Funding is available to train both new and existing employees. Eligib... GrantWatch ID#: 167300

Grants to Wyoming Conservation Districts to Improve Impaired and Threatened Watersheds
Deadline: 06/02/17

Grants of up to $20,000 per project to Wyoming local conservation districts for planning projects to improve water quality throughout the state. Consideration will be given to projects related to impaired or threatened watersheds. Water quality proj... GrantWatch ID#: 181336

Grants to Wyoming Agencies to Maintain and Enhance Off-Road Vehicle and Snowmobile Trails
Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants starting at $2,500 to Wyoming governmental land management agencies for the maintenance and management of off-road vehicle and snowmobile trails. Applicants seeking support for the snowmobile season are encouraged to contact regional staff pr... GrantWatch ID#: 181459

Grants to Wyoming Artists, Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Arts Career Development and Capacity Building
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $750 to Wyoming individual artists, nonprofits, agencies, and IHEs for projects that enhance organizational and professional capacity in the arts. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to, conference attendance, ... GrantWatch ID#: 178576

Grants to Wyoming Local Government Agencies for Economic Development Evaluations and Planning
Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants and loans of up to $50,000 to Wyoming agencies and Indian tribes for economic and infrastructure development. Applicants must consult with a regional director to discuss their project. Draft applications are due at least two weeks before the ... GrantWatch ID#: 176710

Grants to Wyoming Economic Development Organizations and Agencies to Support Business Expansion
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Wyoming economic development organizations and local governments to support the expansion or relocation of businesses that will result in economic development and increased hiring. Economic development organizations may request advanced al... GrantWatch ID#: 167303

Grants to Wyoming Libraries to Build Organizational Capacity
Deadline: 06/15/17

Grants to Wyoming libraries for a broad range of activities that will enhance library capacity. Funding may be requested for staff training activities, the expansion of collections and patron resources, and general organizational development. Applic... GrantWatch ID#: 177009

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Projects, IHEs, and Agencies to Improve State Juvenile Justice Strategies
Deadline: 06/29/17

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits, for-profits, IHEs, and state governments for the development of a system-wide reform of juvenile justice strategies, as well as related training and technical assistance for strategy implementation. Applican... GrantWatch ID#: 181638

Grants to Wyoming Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Arts and Culture in Small and Remote Areas
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $750 to Wyoming nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and IHEs for arts and cultural activities serving small and rural communities. This funding component is reserved for projects and programs serving rural and remote areas ... GrantWatch ID#: 178577